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Following a disastrous event, communities must bear the overwhelming task of cleaning up debris, repairing buildings and infrastructure and rebuilding neighborhoods. The disaster recovery process can be complex, costly and time consuming. Furthermore, if it is not performed properly, crucial funding may be withheld when it is needed most.

ROSTAN has significant hands-on experience in helping clients overcome major disasters, being highly knowledgeable in the post- event operational processes and procedures required to help jurisdictions receive maximum reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other funding agencies.

ROSTAN was created specifically to address the unique needs of jurisdictions and government agencies in preparation for, and in the wake of, man-made and natural disaster events. We have firsthand knowledge of FEMA, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), United States Department of Transportation, and state disaster management operations and programs. Our team has proven success in managing operations and meeting complex documentation and records requirements for FEMA reimbursement of pre- and post-disaster costs for all relevant public assistance categories.

ROSTAN has pre- and post- disaster qualifications and experience associated with hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, and severe winter storms including:

Pre-event Qualifications

  • Emergency Management and Planning
  • Debris Management Planning
  • Emergency Management Training Workshops and Table Top Exercises
  • Communications and Public Information Exchange
  • Data Management
  • Fatal Flaw Analyses

Post-event Qualifications

  • Preliminary Debris and Damage Assessments
  • Debris Contractor and Program Management
  • Debris Contractor Vehicle and Equipment Certification
  • Debris Management Site (DMS) Operations Monitoring
  • Collection and Disposal Debris Monitoring
  • DMS Permitting and Close-out
  • Data Management
  • Training and Operations Support
  • FEMA Reimbursement and Closeout Support
  • Public Assistance Funding Support

ROSTAN specializes in the management of the unique challenges associated with disaster recovery and cleanup operations. ROSTAN's strategy and approach is based upon decades of experience, industry best-practices standards, the HaulPass® System and NIMS, ICS and FEMA guidelines, protocols and procedures.

ROSTAN brings several beneficial approaches to an impacted community that we believe are important to a successful, accelerated, safe, and efficient recovery that will maximize utilization and reimbursement of state and federal funds. We have strong guiding principles that help us assist communities in recovering more quickly:

  • Placing the public's safety and wellbeing first.
  • Utilization of local residents and businesses.
  • Listening to you and understanding your unique situation.
  • Responding with a sense of urgency and focus.
  • Maximizing your reimbursement funding.

ROSTAN's strategy and approach for managing disaster debris collection and disposal is consistent and compliant with FEMA guidance documents. We emphasize health and safety and sound training techniques. Our team has proven success in managing recovery operations of all sizes and creating the types of documentation and records required for FEMA reimbursement of pre- and post-disaster cleanup and recovery costs. ROSTAN staff are fully versed in FEMA Guidelines including FEMA 322, FEMA 325, FEMA 327, FEMA 329 as well as disaster specific guidance.

To learn more about how ROSTAN can assist you, contact:

  Sam Rosania

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